Leave the Caveman Days of Implementation Behind You

Leave the Caveman Days of Implementation Behind You

It doesn’t matter or 9 or 99 someone see’s you as either too old or too young. Don’t let their interpretation of age be what limits you!

Most companies know they have issues that need addressed. What they don’t know is how to effectively implement the “fix-it” solutions. This blog will revolutionize your strategies on implementation. It will take work from the leadership within your organization but it will be worth the result.

Lets get started. You have come up with a fresh strategy to help your DOT program but you are having complications implementing it. The hardest part of anything “new” is the implementation. We have all had great ideas and we are going to share some of them with you in the blog. Personally, in the past I have allowed great plans to unravel because there was too much resistance from others. I am here to tell you to persevere through the resistance, put extra fuel to your plan, and make it work. Let’s go through the process for creating a new strategy and exactly how to implement it in a way that won’t allow the new process to fall flat.

The first step to refresh your current situation is to find the problem. Are your driver files taking too much time to maintain, is the onboarding process too lengthy, are you continually getting vehicle maintenance violations, the list goes on and on. After you identify the issues, yes I said issues, plural. Pick the most pressing one and create a strategy committee that consists of individuals from all levels of your organization. Include people who are natural leaders, the ones that other employees look to for help. Do not forget to get out of the office setting to find people to join the committee. By doing this your committee will have interest from across the company and have a better foundation to build on.

Now that you have selected the “right” team to help formulate the strategy, it is time to start brainstorming. Set aside about 10 min a week for a personal conversation with each member and see exactly what they have come up with. By adding this small personal touch, it shows that you care about what they are working on and that they have your support.

The team has been working diligently on a way to improve your current process. They have many good ideas, now it is time to help them select the right path. Remember as a leader you need to make yourself invested in their new strategy. Your confidence in their actions will go a long way in the implementation process. Add your input to their meetings and help them to refine the new strategy so it can be the most cost effective and positive change conceivable. Guide the team to look at it from different vantage points. If it will be a major transformation, I would invite a third party who is not involved with your businesses day-to-day operations in and acquire their view. The revision portion of any fresh strategy should take a while. Don’t forget to take time to build a roll-out plan. Try to think of every possible thing that might get in your way during the implementation process.

It has been a long haul to get to this point but we are finally ready to implement our new process. Implementation is probably the hardest part of any new strategy. The good thing is that we have already built a foundation across the company on many different levels with our committee. Now all we have to do is build on our already created foundation. Throughout the roll out process, keep the ability to adapt to changes in the plan. We all know that no matter how good of a job we do brainstorming possible complications we are bound to find a few more during the actual implementation. Continue to have your committee meet until the process is fully implemented and running smoothly.

Here is the last thing as a leader of any organization you NEED to do, reward those who helped with the process. Recognize everyone that plays a role in the process. If it was a field / office clerk call them and say thank you, or if you don’t feel you have the time to accomplish that send out a mass email thanking everyone involved with the transformation making sure to highlight your committee and all of their hard work. Take a moment to visit with each member of the committee and get his or her thoughts on the entire process. Remember you’re implementing a new process yourself with this. Look for constructive criticism and truly make the changes recommended, if they fit your organization.

Good luck!

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