Is Coaching right for you?

I’m sure that if you have listened to podcasts from almost any entrepreneur they make you feel that paying for coaching is the only way to succeed.  Or at least succeed faster

I thought the same thing.  So I hired my first coach and didn’t hold anything back. 

Here’s the thing, I hired a fitness coach and I’m in the transportation industry.  This guy didn’t know anything about my industry at all!  Like he didn’t even know that it took a CDL to drive a truck.  

What was I thinking? 

Hiring him to help me get more results?  

He had awesome results when it came working one on one with a person, but had no clue what it took to get a contract with a business, or the amount of time and effort it took to land those contracts. He was used to getting massive results from his clients because he taught them how to sell to individuals.  

The key here isn’t that coaches cant help.  The key is that you need to find the right coach!

Don’t just listen to your friends and people you reach out to.  Take time and research before you spend your hard-earned $$.  

When I first started the conversation with these guys it was all roses.  This thing is that they were running me through a sales pitch.  I carefully paid attention to it because I knew what was going on.  but I still got sucked into it.  They didn’t ask me any questions about my real goals.  And at the time I didn’t realize that they were using a script to get me through the door.  

Here’s the thing about me.  

I hate scripts.

As a kid, we used to put on 1 act plays.  The directors always “hated” me because I would constantly go off-script to add humor to the production.  

It took me a long time to realize it, but God was telling me never to script anything in my business.  He was giving me the foundation to keep it personal.  The way business should be.  

So do I think that you need to hire a coach to help you get to the next level?  


But make sure they are the right fit for you.  Do some research.  Get them to give a free month of their teaching and see where that month takes you.  Don’t afraid to fire them and find one that fits your style better.  

The biggest key that I want you to hear is that I’m not upset that my first coach(s) didn’t perform the way I needed them to.  I used that as a learning experience so I knew what to look for in a coach.  

Before you hire a coach, listen to their podcast, read their blogs, dig into their personal life (a little) to make sure that they will be a good fit.  Then after you start don’t be afraid to change and ask for a refund.  Think about it, if you don’t provide the services to your customers that they expect wouldn’t they expect a refund?

I hope that this helps you. Get out there and find the right coach for you!

Stay safe and keep the rubber side down.


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