My tips to “Recharge” Your batteries

How to live a life that you love

When you read the title to this you might have thought I was going to give you some cooky advice about how to jump-start your car or truck.


Like take a 50-pound bag of potatoes and a spool of copper wire then hook it up to the positive side of the battery. And wahalaaaaa. 


I’m just kidding, don’t try that.  For real, I have never done that and have no idea if it would work.  So really DO NOT try that. 




I hate to disappoint you, but that’s not what’s going to happen here. lol


Today I wanted to let you in on a few of my secrets so that you can figure out how to live a life that you love, every day!!


Are you guys & gals ready for this???


Ok my first tip is to get your mind in a place where you LOVE what you do!!!


That’s right if you LOVE what you do then you will never get tired.  


Just kidding.  I LOVE what I do, but I still get tired.  But in being 100% transparent I work WAYYYYY more than a lot of people do and I hardly ever get burnt out. 




The big reason for that is because I absolutely LOVE what I do.  


Let me give you a quick preview of my typical day. I wake up at about 3:30-4 am and pee.  That’s right I have to take a wizz first thing in the AM.  Then just after that, I take 30 minutes total on social media. but I’m not scrolling and using it for entertainment.  


I am using it as a tool.  


I am spying on my competition and potential customers to see if they have anything cool coming up.  I make it point to wish everyone a happy birthday if they have a birthday that day.  


Then I find 5 posts on each platform, like them, and comment on them.  Those 5 posts are for potential clients or current clients. 


After that, I make a pot of coffee for my amazing Queen (Jenna). Ok I drink a few cups too.  


Next, I head to my home office where I check my emails and put out any fires that need to be addressed. 


After that, I pick 3-7 projects that I want to get done today. I start with one that can either get done in 2 hours or one that I can pause in 2 hours when the kids get up at 6 am. 


At 6 I step away from my computer and with the help of our little Maltipoo Rosie, I wake the kids up.  I’ll have to make a video of her doing her job.  It is absolutely amazing how much she loves her job.  Lol


Then I take about 30 minutes with the kids before they catch the bus.  After that, I usually spend about 10-15 minutes chatting with Jenna to top off her tank of quality time.  


Then it’s back to the grind.


I hit the office and get it done.  


About the only time that I step away from my computer is when I need to pee or grab more water to drink.  


Most days it seems that I have some type of meeting(s) between 9 am -1 pm. So, I make sure that I am doing projects that I can easily step away from during those hours. 


After the meetings, I take the afternoon to make sure that todays projects are buttoned up. 


I usually finish up the day at about 5-6p, head upstairs, and help with dinner or make dinner if Jenna is chasing the kids. 


Then I spend the evening with my family (recharging my batteries) 


If there is something pressing after the kids go to bed and I finish reading to them I get that one item knocked out. And then head to bed.  


Most nights Jenna and I watch one tv show together and then fall asleep about 9:30-10 pm.


I know you didn’t really want to hear about my schedule, but you needed to hear about so you can see that when I say that I GRIND, you can see that it is truly a GRIND.  No lunch most days, a protein bar for breakfast, and I make sure that I get my batteries recharged with my family as much as possible. 


Even with all of that, I do and all the stress that comes with running a growing small business I still LOVE what I do.  


My second tip for recharging throughout the day is to build a playlist of music that gets you pumped!


I have one that I call setting the stage on Amazon Music. Check it out here, but be warned it is a WIDE variety of music and it might not all be clean music.


This helps me focus and get stuff done.  Not to mention that the beats of the music keep me motivated throughout the day. 


Those are just things that I do every day.


The next thing is to find something(s) that you can do every week that helps you.


For me its time with my family.  


Like on Saturday when we play a family game together.  That right there recharges my batteries and does it QUICK!


Some games that we love are, CashFlow, the Thing, Cribbage, Hand and Foot, and of course Clue!!


If you want more info on any of those games hit me up and I will be more than happy to share what they are.  CashFlow is my favorite one because it makes me want to grow my assets!!


Then the next step is to find something that charges your batteries that you can do every quarter.


I really like to take a family trip every quarter.  We go places like the beach, or a national park or where ever, just as long as we go as a family. 


This one might be harder.  But if you get creative you can definitely make it happen without costing much money. 


Like a long weekend trip to a state or national park.  


It shouldn’t be a trip where when you get back from you feel like you need to go back to work to rest up.  I used to travel like that, but not anymore. 


Now we go and have fun, we don’t try to pack every moment with something to do.  We also don’t make a lot of schedules when we travel.  We say if we make it to this it would be awesome, but our plan is to recharge, not drain!


Personally, I try to go to some sort of business event every quarter.  


This is 2-fold.


One I learn, and to be honest, I recharge when I learn!


Second, it gets me around people who want to grow!!  And I know that we are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with.  So, if I hang around 5 broke people I will become the 6th.  but if I hang around 5 billionaires I will become the 6th!




I know that it’s not much, but those are my tips and tricks for keeping my energy and motivation throughout the day, week month, and yes even year.  


Because if you want to be ULTRA successful then you have to find a way to keep moving when everyone else is sleeping.  


What is that one phrase, I don’t quit when I’m tired, I quit when I’m finished.


Or my other favorite quote from Thomas Eddison is, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” 


I hope that this helped and that you find a way to keep your “Batteries” charged without hooking up jumper cables every time you stop.  Lol

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