How To Ethically 5x Your Business This Year! 

How to ethically 5x your business this year!

You might know this, but I set HUGE goals and almost always CRUSH them.  

No, I’m not bragging, ok maybe just a little. Lol. 

The thing is that we all know how easy it is to set a goal then just leave it laying there until we completely forget about it. 

Well, if you want to learn how to get real, I mean massive GROWTH like 50x growth in 2 years you’re in the right place. 

Let’s start with the 3 keys to success 

The first one is Honesty!

That’s right always be honest.   If you don’t know how to do something don’t sell it.  I mean if you can figure it out then sell the heck out of it. 

But you aren’t going or me selling rebuilds on a jet engine because I don’t have the first clue where to start and I know how important it is that the rebuild is done right!

The other part of honesty is that if you don’t know the answer don’t make a up a lie, tell them the truth. Even if the answer makes you look or feel inadequate for the situation. 

Honesty is one of the biggest keys for true growth.

The next key to true success is the ability to listen.

I’m not just talking about listening to your customers, I’m talking about listening to yoru employees, your spouse, and yes the general public.  They all have some good points, and you can learn a lot from listening to them.

Recently we were super interested in purchasing a business because it would add to our services. 

We started talking to our current customers to see what they think about these new services we might be offering.

Well, we listened to what they said and pivoted to create a better service for them instead of growing the way we thought they wanted.

Now we offer something completely different, and it is even better for us and them.

Next time before you start designing a new product or service, take a few moments to talk to your customers and see what they think and want. You might be going down the wrong road and only need to make a small pivot to get back on track.

The last key is probably the most important one to get real, attainable growth.

Are you ready for it?

It is to always UNDER promise and OVER deliver!

Mic Drop!!!

Crazy right?

As a business and a person, I always try to go the extra mile.  Even if it takes more time, or we don’t make as much money we might have.

Recently we were down in Texas doing an audit for a company that invited us in.

When we got the contract the deal was that we would complete 10% of all their files and give them an oral report. 

We practice what we preach. So, we completed 15% of the files, and followed up with a written report with lots of visuals. 

Then to top it off while we were down there it was the Operations Managers birthday, so we made sure to do something special for the WHOLE TEAM for his birthday. (Even the CEO was impressed by what we did)

But that’s not all.

We also took the time to create an action plan to help them take care of EVERY action item we found.

Most companies would have only delivered on what they promised, but that’s not they way we role.

That’s also why in the first 2 years of business we have had over 500% growth!

The best part of all this is that after we finished up everything they actually brought us 5 more customers!

Think about what would have happened if we would have just done what our first contract required for us to complete.

Another great example of over delivering is when we were hired by a company to help get one of their companies with over 400 drivers into compliance.

When we first started talking and writing the contract we both agreed that if we could get their compliance up over 75% in one quarter they would be ecstatic.


We made it our goal to take them from 9% to 90% at the same time. 

Of course, we didn’t tell them that through.  That would have taken all of the fun out over delivering.  Because now they would be expecting us deliver 90% instead of 75%.

Well, guess what?

We busted our BUTTS to over deliver because that’s how we role.

In the end the Eclipse DOT team was able to not only get their company over 98% within 35 days, but we also coached and mentored their HR, safety, and fleet departments for the next 90 days to help them keep their compliance as high as possible.  

Again, we could have hit the 75% and threw our hand up and celebrated. But instead, we pushed even harder to get their compliance over 90%. Then we kept pushing until we got it almost to 100%.

After that they helped our business grow even MORE because they were talking about our services with everyone they knew.  They even helped give us the idea for our new software DOT Docs.

If we hadn’t stepped in and stepped up to tackle their job then we would have never realized just how much this service is needed for all companies. Big and small.

You see we took the 3 keys and opened the lock for our future growth buy being honest, listening to our customers, employees and the public, and lastly over delivering.

So, if you want massive growth in your business or in your personal life. You can take these same 3 keys and open the door to your future.


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