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I was about 25-27 years old when I got the opportunity to travel to Reno, NV, and do a 5-minute speech for the Nation Grange.

It was pretty darn cool to stand on a stage in front of the whole convention and give my speech.

A few things that you should know is that I bring a LOT of energy to the stage.

There was this one conference that I spoke at in Colorado for a group of about 150 people. We got there the night before and in the morning we sat there listening to the presenters.

They were all really great, but they were dry and nervous as they got in front of the group.

I was supposed to be on just after 10 am.

Sam from my team was there with me, I handed my truck keys and said, “hurry and run to the store and buy a candy bar for each person here! we start in 45 minutes, so don’t lolligag!”

He literally ran to the truck and bolted to the store and bought enough candy bars for everyone in the room to have one.

He got back 5 minutes before I went on. We passed out the candy bars to everyone. They announced it to me and I ran from the back of the room to the front and started the presentation.

I swear I used so much energy in that 45-minute presentation that I was literally drained for the entire rest of the day.

In the end, I had several people come up to me and say, “you are a miracle worker. I was literally falling asleep before you got on, then I took tons of notes while you talked. Thanks for coming!”


Back to the story about my speech for the National Grange.

As we were getting ready they said, there is a podium. Take your speech out there and you can give it.

I cocked my head to the side (you know the look of the one like a dog listening to a high-pitched squeal. Yup that’s the one.)  and said, “can I get a handheld mic?”

They said sure.

Then the lady in charge reminded me that I had 5 minutes! At the 5-minute mark, they were going to shut off my mic.


As I walked out on the same stage that so many other amazing singers had performed on, I could feel the presence.

Then all of a sudden all of my nerves left, and I started talking. The more I talked the more natural it felt.

By the end of the speech, I was on FIRE!

There was so much passion and energy in the delivery that everyone could feel it.

The speech that I gave was about why you need God in your life.

I sure wish that I had a video of it or just the audio from it.

Then I finished up at 4 minutes and 59 seconds. I turned and walked back off the stage to applause.

That right there was when I KNEW that I was supposed to be in front of groups.

During that entire speech, I could feel the presence, the hair in my arms stood on end.

For me, the best part was afterward. So many people came up to me and said, “I never knew you were such a believer!”

That right there was how I could tell that God’s presence was on that stage with me.

He put the words into my mouth that I needed to say and that others needed to hear.

He opened their ears to hear the message that I was delivering.

Ever since then anytime I get on a stage I say a little prayer. “God, please allow my mouth to deliver the message that you need them to hear. If you could just open their ears and minds to hear and accept the parts that they need to, I would really appreciate it!”

Even though I don’t like attention, that right there is why I love being on stage. Because I know that is what I was designed for.

To help others as much as I can!

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