Everything You Need To Know About 2290’s

Here at Eclipse DOT, it is our mission to take the complexity out of compliance.

Not just parts of compliance but every aspect of compliance.

Yes, that includes the special taxes, permits, and other government mumbo jumbo that only pertains to trucking companies.

One of those “extra” taxes is the 2290.

So let’s break right into what a 2290 is and who needs to file one.

A 2290 is a “heavy use tax” for highways.

What that really means is that if you operate vehicles on the highway that are registered over 55,000lbs, then you need to file a 2290.

Even if you don’t cross state lines!

So there are a few things that you need to know about the 2290 from.

  1.    You have to use a third party to file it. Unless you want it to take weeks or even months to get processed. 

Also, you should know that not all third-party filing services are the same.

We have done massive amounts of research and found out that some are way better than others.

Just like a BMW is built with more care than a Kia is. (nothing against Kia, it’s not a BMW)

So be cautious of the service that you use to file your 2290, you don’t want to pay them a massive amount of $$ just to have it messed up. And then they won’t stand behind you.

  1. It is only for vehicles that are REGISTERED over 55,000lbs.  Not all trucks that require a CDL will need to have 2290 filed for them.

Let’s say that you have a single axle propane truck that is rated for 33,000 lbs.  it would do you no good to register that truck for over 33,000 lbs because according to the manufacturer it should never weigh more than that.

On the other hand, let’s say that you have a single axle semi-tractor that is rated at 32,000lbs and it pulls a trailer that is rated at 50,000lbs.

If you want to use this truck to its full capabilities then you would want the truck registered at 80,000lbs. ( it gets a little more complicated because you also need to make sure that you stay with the bridge law for weights, but that’s for another blog.)

In the last case that single axle tractor would need to have 2290 filed on it.

Are you getting what I’m laying down here?

  1. To get or renew your plates you will need to provide proof that the 2290 was filed.

Almost every state requires that you show proof of a 2290 filed in order to register a vehicle for over 55,000lbs. 

In Colorado, you will have to upload what’s called a “schedule 1” with the VIN number of the truck you are registering before they will issue you plates for your vehicle, or for that matter approve the registration so that you can pay for it.

  1.     They have to be filed annually. 

Every year by the end of July you need to file your 2290.  They usually open the renewal period on July 1st. 

It is your responsibility to have them filed by no later than July 31st of that year. Then the taxes carry over until July of the next year.

If you buy a new vehicle during the year that meets the 2290 requirement, then you need to file a new 2290 for that vehicle.  It is usually a prorated price for that 2290 because it was not on the road for the whole year. 

  1. Our team can help you get it done quick, fast, and in a hurry.

The best thing about Eclipse DOT is that you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of every aspect of DOT compliance for you.

The way that I explained it to my family is like this.

My dad is a mechanic for Caterpillar, and he specializes in rebuilding engines.  That is all he does.

He is massively skilled when it comes to engines.

If I was going to have a cat engine rebuilt I would want him to do it. Because I know that he can get it done right the first time.

Even if his rate is higher than his competition who just got out of college. He knows more so I’m sure that he will get it done faster and I know that it will be done right the first time because that is all he does is rebuild engines.

Our team is the exact same way when it comes to DOT.

We eat, breathe and live this stuff. (notice I didn’t say we love it, because almost nobody LOVES DOT. Lol)

So why not let us, the people who are in DOT every day get it done for you.

We KNOW what we are doing so it will be done right the first time. And not to mention our team can get it done FAST.

Let’s look at the engine principle again really quickly. 

With the information that I have at my fingertips, I could rebuild an engine.  The parts are going to cost me about 20K and I am going to spend about 5x the amount of time rebuilding it because I have never done it before.

Knowing me, in the end, I will most likely have a few extra bolts left over (hey who doesn’t like extra parts. Lol)

The actual cost of the rebuild is going to cost me WAY MORE. Because of how much time (time = revenue) I lost.

Not to mention, those extra bolts are probably important.

DOT is the same way.

If you don’t eat and breathe this stuff it gets overwhelming. And when you go to do it after you haven’t touched it for a year. It takes 5 times longer to do it than it does for our team.  Because we love the world.

Not to mention those “extra bolts” that just show up. How long do you worry about them? Forever!

I will tell you the last time I did something for the first time and had “extra bolts” . I’m worried about them from that point forward! until I had someone else look at the issue and put those bolts back where they should have gone originally.

So why not let the experts handle everything DOT for you.

Reach out to us today at Info@eclipse-dot.com to get an estimate.

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