Deeper Dive into Vehicle Maintenance Files Part One

Last week we gave you a HUGE amount of information about everything that needs to be in a vehicle maintenance file. 

The first thing we want to start with is that it is way easier in the event of an audit if you create a folder, digitally or on paper, for each unit that you have.

Yes, that includes all of your trailers that when pulled their GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) the GVWR of the truck + the GVWR of the trailer = more a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Now that you have those created let’s start diving into how to KISS, Keep It Stupid Simple, this process!

  • Vehicle list that includes
  • When the vehicle was purchased
  • Year of vehicle
  • Make of vehicle
  • Model of vehicle
  • VIN 
  • Tire Size (I know crazy right)
  • GVWR
  • Is the vehicle owned or Leased
  • Unit Number
  • License Plate
  • State registered in
  • Type of vehicle 
  • Trailer
  • Truck
  • Tractor
  • If it is an ELD vehicle include
  • Make / Provider of ELD
  • Model of ELD
  • Year ELD was installed
  • Is the vehicle still in your fleet or have you sold it
  • This one is recommended but not required by FMCSA

Boy was that a load of information there. 

I’m a little overwhelmed just typing that, are you a little overwhelmed too.

This week we are going to break it down a little more so that we can help you make it simple.

Let’s start with the vehicle list that you need to have.

First off, don’t overcomplicate it.  Here at Eclipse DOT, we like to keep it simple.

So what we did was make a spreadsheet and labeled the columns with each item that needed to be tracked. Just like the example!

See make it simple!

Then we simply fill in the columns below the header with information.

AND, Walaaa steps one of is done.

The nice thing is that you can get about 90% of the information for this list from the registration /cab card.  

Really the only things that you will need that aren’t on there are the

  1. GVWR
  2. Tire Size
  3. And EDL information

So, you can do about 98% of this step without any help. 

Then to get the other information is super simple. Just ask the driver, nicely and they will gladly get it for you.

That leads us into maintenance records and maintenance logs.

Remember everything that we needed for this step?  

Yeah, me neither.  So here it is again.

  • Maintenance records/log that includes
  • Date
  • What service was performed or repair that was made
  • Who made the repair
  • Mileage of the vehicle (if applicable)
  • When the next service is due
  • If it is a routine service item
  • Keep all records for a minimum of 1 year
  • For resale value, we recommend keeping all records

What is the Eclipse DOT rule?

KISS!! Keep It Stupid Simple

We live by that acronym too!

So, what did we do to make this process Stupid Simple?

We created a log that you can simply keep in each truck and then replace it every quarter with a new one.  Then the driver and mechanic complete that log whenever something is completed or repaired on the truck.

Let’s say that a driver changes a light because it is out. If you have the log in their binder that they keep in the truck with all the other paperwork like registration, IFTA, and Insurance. Then all they have to do is fill it out!

How Stupid and Simple is that!

Then every quarter all you have to do is grab that sheet and replace it with a new one and then file the old one in the truck folder you created earlier in this blog.

Crazy simple right?

If you want both of these lists all you have to do is shoot us an email at and ask our team for them.  

We will gladly shoot them over to you ASAP!

So, what are you waiting for? Send that email right now!!!

Next week we are going to dive even deeper into how to KISS vehicle maintenance files!!!!


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