Core Values and how to find what yours are.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Mastermind group in Cancun, Mexico.

When I say it was amazing that’s no lie.  We spent about 4-6 hours a day learning from experts in tons of different industries.  Then we had the rest of the day to spend exploring the area and the resort.

While we were there I took over 19 pages of notes!


Not only that we did some great exercises that truly helped me to open my eyes and allow myself to grow and hit the next goals that I had already set.

In the past, I would look at those goals and I had some major internal and external beliefs that would never allow me to meet them.

We could go into those beliefs, but we don’t have that much time. Lol

One of my biggest takeaways from this weeklong experience was that you have to Dream Big!

But before you can dream big you have to figure out what your core values are.

Russell Brunson had us do an exercise that made figuring out my core values super easy.

Do you want to know what it was?

Ok, I will tell you on condition…..


Here it is.

Get a pad of sticky notes and clear off your desk. If you don’t have stick notes that’s ok, just cut some paper into small squares or rectangles (the shape doesn’t matter).

Ok now, what I want you to do is write down everything you enjoy. One item per sticky note.

Here are some of mine to get your brain going.

  •       Playing family board games
  •       Steak
  •       Trips to San Diego
  •       Surfing
  •       Watching a show at night with Jenna before we fall asleep
  •       Flying
  •       Growing
  •       Reading books
  •       Helping others learn
  •       Growing businesses
  •       Helping other businesses
  •       Buying 4-H animals at the fair

I think you get the point.

Ok set a timer for 3 minutes and write as many as you can. Pro Tip: instead of setting a time, find a motivational song and write until the song is finished. (Click here for a song)

Here is a picture of what mine looked like.

Ok, great job. Now re-arrange those sticky notes into groups. There should be about 5-6 groups.

Those are your core values.  These are things that bring you the most joy.



Mine are

  •       Family
  •       Travel
  •       Business/ Building something amazing
  •       Community
  •       Health
  •       God

I know some of those surprised me too!  What the heck I had no idea I was into health!

Russell Brunson calls these “hall of fame goals”, but I like to call them my core values.

They are my core values because when someone looks at my life I want them to see these things shining brighter and stronger than anything else.

If you go back and review my Facebook profile I’ll bet that you can see this.

I will also bet that you can see how my core values have changed over the past 10+ years too.

So here’s what I want you to do! 

After you do the exercise, reflect on your life and what it someone who doesn’t know you from Adam would see when they find your profile.   

Here are my company’s core values are written out.

Our company is built on 5 core values that permeate everything we do… Extreme Ownership, Community, Hard Work, Integrity, and Personal and Professional Growth!

Eclipse DOT is the leader in the transportation community.  We help people build, grow, and scale their businesses to levels that they have only dreamed about.

Eclipse DOT values family. Not only our teams’ families but also the families of our community!  We know that if we don’t have the support of those close to us then we can never truly grow.

Communities are an integral part of our lives.  Eclipse DOT encourages the development and growth of communities. The way we encourage growth in our community is through networking and making new connections.

Eclipse DOT encourages everyone on our team to live not only a healthy lifestyle but also to have a healthy mindset.  Because our mind is the most powerful tool that we have.  Fun Fact your brain only makes up about 2% of your body weight but consumes 20% of your daily calories. So eat healthily and exercise daily!

Traveling adds excitement to our lives.  We encourage our whole team to travel multiple times throughout the year.  We also encourage our community to travel too.  Not only to our events but also to fun and exciting locations.

Here at Eclipse DOT, we believe that God is the reason for everything.  He gives us ideas, guidance, and the strength to continue.  God is a major part of the company, our culture, and our values.  We also know that it is ok if you don’t believe the same way we do. 

Can you see how these relate directly to my personal core values?

Now get out there, figure out what your values are, and share them with the world!

PS if you ever need help getting something done, just start writing a blog, and then you’ll have to finish writing them out.  That’s what happened to me. Lol

Keep the rubber side down and make it a GREAT week!

Dan Greer

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