Teaching with Stories

Let’s start this blog with a short story…… Once upon a time. In a land far, far, far, far away…… Just kidding.  Kind of. Lol.

The other Jenna & I were looking around our place and noticed that we could really use a couple of new trees.  The front of our house was really bare.  I mean when you look out the front window all you can see is my parent’s house and the county road.

We also have a door with a window in it downstairs in my office and when I look out it all I can see is the chicken coop and lamb pin.

Do you know how hard it is to get inspired when you look out and see a chicken coop?

I asked her if she wanted to go on an afternoon date with me over to Cortez.

Cortez is only about an hour away from the house, and she loves going anywhere with me.

She didn’t ask where we were going or what we were doing, she just said yes.

So we loaded up in our truck and headed over to Cortez. 

The drive was wonderful. We talked about so many things.

Finally, just before we got to Cortez I turned on a county road. She looked over at me and said I thought we were going to Cortez.

I said yeah we are, but I need to go here first.

She is so amazing, she just said, “Sweet I love adventures with you.”

We turned down a few more county roads, then finally I turned down this driveway. It was about a mile long.

Jenna and I were just chatting the whole time.

Finally, she looked over at me and said, “Where are we going? Are you lost?”

I just looked at her lovingly and said, “No ma’am. I am not lost and yes I know where I am going.  And you are going to LOVE it.”

Then we pulled into the pleasant tree farm. A place where they grow trees that you can buy.

She looked over with pure joy on her face and said, “Did you bring me here to pick out some trees for our home??????”

“Why yes ma`am I did.”

We took our time walking through the rows and rows and trees picking out 6 new trees to plant in our yard later that year. they would get dung after they went dormant.  

In the spring we went back over, picked up those 6 amazing trees, hauled them home, and planted them. 4 in the front of the house and 2 where I could see them from my basement office window.

It is so amazing to see God’s creations growing in our own yard.

See what I just did there? I got you to invest in our story.

I could have just written this:

Jenna planted a few trees in our yard.  Trees have to be dug when they are dormant.

Which one makes you get invested?

Have you ever noticed that the best teachers always teach with stories?

Jesus taught with stories all of the principles through stories.

Ok in the bible they called them parables.  But a parable is just: “a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson

Do you use stories to teach others?

I use stories to teach just about everything to everyone.

Sometimes my stories are 30 seconds long, while other times when I get the chance my stories can be over 30 minutes long.

The thing with stories is that they get people invested in what you are trying to teach them.

Take Action

Here is what I want you to do.

I need you to try to teach something using a story. I know you can do it. heck, you probably are already doing it, you might not realize it. but I’ll bet you are.

Then after you teach using a story I want to try to teach the exact same thing to someone else without using a story.

Then see which person picks up the concept quicker.

A Little More

I might have already used this story, but it is a GREAT one that I learn from Myron Golden. So I use it often.

The other night at a youth event I asked for 3 people who never volunteer for anything.

You can tell who they are because their friends are helping them to hold up their hands.

The ones who are willing to hold their own hand up, are not the ones who “really” are scared to be called on.

Then I asked 3 of those terrified kids to come up on stage.

They all did it one by one.

I held the mic and asked them their name.

The first girl whispered into the mic, “Rebecca”

The next girl up there mustered up all of her courage and said, “Rachel”

The last one was a boy. As he stood up there looking at the ground, literally looked away from me when I looked at him. Because he knew what was coming.

When I got to him he answered, “Sheo” it was so quiet that I had to repeat on the mic so everyone could hear.

Then I took out my wallet and pulled out a few bills. Making sure that the kids up there saw that I had several bigger bills in my wallet.

I ended up pulling out $50, $20, and $10.

Then I asked all 3 of them if any of them would like to have any of this cold hard cash?

They all shook their heads yes, no one actually answered with words though.

Next, I fanned out the bills in one hand and said, “Ok, I’m going to close my eyes and it’s your job to take ONE bill from my hand.

So I did exactly what I said I was going to do.

What happened next SHOCKED me.


I mean nothing. I could literally hear crickets chirping and the rest of the kids rustling in their seats.

So I opened my eyes, made a joke about it, and said, “no really you have to take this or I’m going to put it back in my pocket! Ok, I’m going to do this one more time.”

I closed my eyes and held out my hand.

Then finally about 30 seconds later one of the girls slightly pulled out one bill from my hand, about 10 seconds later the other girl came and took a bill. Then FINALLY the boy came over and took the last bill.

Remember my eyes were closed so I didn’t know who took what.

After I finally felt the last bill leave I opened my eyes and saw them hiding the bills behind their backs.

(I never told them to hide them.)

I literally laughed out loud. And said, All of you just got a little richer and you are choosing to hide it!

Next, I asked who took the $50. The girl who took it helped it up. 

I said to her, “you chose to take action first, so you were rewarded the most! Who got the $20?”

The next girl held it up.

I said, “you took action next, your reward was higher than the person who took action last. If we wait and wait we are left ½ the reward.”

Then I looked over at the boy. And said, “bud what happened?” he shrugged and looked at the floor.

I continued, “you are twice as strong as these girls, what the heck, you should have been the one holding the $50. But guess what? You still chose to take action! So you were still rewarded. But how do you feel right now?”

His answer shocked me, “I feel like I shouldn’t have hesitated to take action. Because I hesitated, I ended up with 1/5th of what I could have had.”

Then I asked him, “So what did you learn?”

“TO TAKE ACTION instead of hesitating, especially when God encourages you to do something, do it!”

You see I could have told these youth this story, but would they have learned the importance of taking action?


I could have told you

I gave some kids some money to teach them the importance of taking action, but would you have really wanted to go try this to see if you could get others to take action?


Now, do you see the importance of teaching with stories?

Now get out there, take action and start teaching with stories. 

Everything You Need To Know About 2290’s

Here at Eclipse DOT, it is our mission to take the complexity out of compliance.

Not just parts of compliance but every aspect of compliance.

Yes, that includes the special taxes, permits, and other government mumbo jumbo that only pertains to trucking companies.

One of those “extra” taxes is the 2290.

So let’s break right into what a 2290 is and who needs to file one.

A 2290 is a “heavy use tax” for highways.

What that really means is that if you operate vehicles on the highway that are registered over 55,000lbs, then you need to file a 2290.

Even if you don’t cross state lines!

So there are a few things that you need to know about the 2290 from.

  1.    You have to use a third party to file it. Unless you want it to take weeks or even months to get processed. 

Also, you should know that not all third-party filing services are the same.

We have done massive amounts of research and found out that some are way better than others.

Just like a BMW is built with more care than a Kia is. (nothing against Kia, it’s not a BMW)

So be cautious of the service that you use to file your 2290, you don’t want to pay them a massive amount of $$ just to have it messed up. And then they won’t stand behind you.

  1. It is only for vehicles that are REGISTERED over 55,000lbs.  Not all trucks that require a CDL will need to have 2290 filed for them.

Let’s say that you have a single axle propane truck that is rated for 33,000 lbs.  it would do you no good to register that truck for over 33,000 lbs because according to the manufacturer it should never weigh more than that.

On the other hand, let’s say that you have a single axle semi-tractor that is rated at 32,000lbs and it pulls a trailer that is rated at 50,000lbs.

If you want to use this truck to its full capabilities then you would want the truck registered at 80,000lbs. ( it gets a little more complicated because you also need to make sure that you stay with the bridge law for weights, but that’s for another blog.)

In the last case that single axle tractor would need to have 2290 filed on it.

Are you getting what I’m laying down here?

  1. To get or renew your plates you will need to provide proof that the 2290 was filed.

Almost every state requires that you show proof of a 2290 filed in order to register a vehicle for over 55,000lbs. 

In Colorado, you will have to upload what’s called a “schedule 1” with the VIN number of the truck you are registering before they will issue you plates for your vehicle, or for that matter approve the registration so that you can pay for it.

  1.     They have to be filed annually. 

Every year by the end of July you need to file your 2290.  They usually open the renewal period on July 1st. 

It is your responsibility to have them filed by no later than July 31st of that year. Then the taxes carry over until July of the next year.

If you buy a new vehicle during the year that meets the 2290 requirement, then you need to file a new 2290 for that vehicle.  It is usually a prorated price for that 2290 because it was not on the road for the whole year. 

  1. Our team can help you get it done quick, fast, and in a hurry.

The best thing about Eclipse DOT is that you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of every aspect of DOT compliance for you.

The way that I explained it to my family is like this.

My dad is a mechanic for Caterpillar, and he specializes in rebuilding engines.  That is all he does.

He is massively skilled when it comes to engines.

If I was going to have a cat engine rebuilt I would want him to do it. Because I know that he can get it done right the first time.

Even if his rate is higher than his competition who just got out of college. He knows more so I’m sure that he will get it done faster and I know that it will be done right the first time because that is all he does is rebuild engines.

Our team is the exact same way when it comes to DOT.

We eat, breathe and live this stuff. (notice I didn’t say we love it, because almost nobody LOVES DOT. Lol)

So why not let us, the people who are in DOT every day get it done for you.

We KNOW what we are doing so it will be done right the first time. And not to mention our team can get it done FAST.

Let’s look at the engine principle again really quickly. 

With the information that I have at my fingertips, I could rebuild an engine.  The parts are going to cost me about 20K and I am going to spend about 5x the amount of time rebuilding it because I have never done it before.

Knowing me, in the end, I will most likely have a few extra bolts left over (hey who doesn’t like extra parts. Lol)

The actual cost of the rebuild is going to cost me WAY MORE. Because of how much time (time = revenue) I lost.

Not to mention, those extra bolts are probably important.

DOT is the same way.

If you don’t eat and breathe this stuff it gets overwhelming. And when you go to do it after you haven’t touched it for a year. It takes 5 times longer to do it than it does for our team.  Because we love the world.

Not to mention those “extra bolts” that just show up. How long do you worry about them? Forever!

I will tell you the last time I did something for the first time and had “extra bolts” . I’m worried about them from that point forward! until I had someone else look at the issue and put those bolts back where they should have gone originally.

So why not let the experts handle everything DOT for you.

Reach out to us today at Info@eclipse-dot.com to get an estimate.

Start Allowing Those Close To You To Fail

I’ll bet that you read the title and said, “I’m not really sure I want to read this one.” Or maybe, “what is the guy smoking?  How does allowing someone to fail help them grow?”

Well if you’ll stick with me for a little bit, I promise I will explain myself. 

And who knows, by the end you might even agree with me.

You might not, but that’s ok too.

So let’s jump right in.

Is it ok if I start with a story?

Sweet, thanks.

So many stories, which one do I choose?

Ok I’ll tell you one about myself. LOL

The other day I was up flying. 

In case you don’t know, I have been taking lessons to get my pilot’s license.  It has been an amazing experience so far.

With that being said. I have a tendency to push myself a little harder than I should. 

I set deadlines that others might think are a little unattainable. Like going straight for my twin-engine certification, instead of just going for a single-engine license.

Then to top it off I also like to say, “I will have this license by ____ date.” Without ever consulting with anyone. Like Jenna or my instructor. Just a couple of important people that should be involved in the decision.


I set these HUGE goals and go after them with every part of my being.

Recently I have been working on perfecting landing this twin-engine bird.

Which in case you didn’t know is MUCH heavier than a single-engine and goes WAY faster and has MORE POWER. (I just thought of Tim the “Tool Man Taylor” from the show Home Improvement. And almost grunted out loud sitting here in the airport where I’m writing this. Man that would have been embarrassing.)

With that being said, you land faster, you take off faster, you fly faster, and there is WAY more going on in the cab.

My point is that in a single-engine plane you come in for a landing at about 50 MPH, and in our twin, you come in closer to 120MPH, never slower than 80 MPH.

We have been doing some touch and goes. This is where you come in land, raise the flaps, go full throttle, and take off again while never stopping.

We had done about 5 of these and I was finally starting to get the hang of landing this beast.

The first one went pretty well.  I came in a little too fast and touched down a little too late.

The second time I pulled up just a little bit too early and we ended up doing a fly-around (where you don’t actually touch down you just accelerate and take a fly about 5 feet off the ground.

The third time I touched down hard.  We bounced down the runway and finally came to a stop about 100’ before the other end. 

The fourth time I came in perfectly centered, pulled up at just the right time, and floated to the ground, soft and easy.

The fifth time I came in perfect and touched down right where I wanted, it was amazing!

Then my instructor looks over at me and says, “ready to do this with one engine?”

I looked over at him and he was serious!!


Why in the world would we land with one engine when we have 2 amazing engines that run great?


My eyes are about as big as a coke’s bottle when I answer him, “OH HECK NO! you better show me how that’s done.

He grabs the sticks, and loudly proclaims, “WHAT A WUSS.” Lol

Then he cuts the throttle on one engine and we bring her in on one engine.  It was amazing to see how it worked. 

That was our final landing that day.

When we got back to the hanger. I looked over at him and said, “so be 100% honest with me. How much did you help me on those last landings?”

He looked me square in the eye and said, “Dan that one where we flopped down the runway like a fish on dry ground. That was all you. Lol”

The whole point of this is that he let me fail multiple times because that’s how you learn. 

Think about it if you do everything perfectly the first time every time, you don’t actually learn.

The thing is that right after each failure we talked about what I could have done better and why it didn’t work the way I thought it should. 

He coached me on how to do better and what to do next time.  

After we got the plane pushed back into the hangar, he looked at me with 100% sincerity and said, “Dan the one landing I helped you with the single-engine landing. The rest were all you. You nailed a few of those too.”

Take Action

Today I want you to take action by not taking action.

The next time you see an opportunity to help someone learn by failing, as long it won’t cause any major damage.

I want to encourage you to allow the opportunity to fail.

Then after that, coach them on how to make it better next time.

April Newsletter 3

April Newsletter 1

How To Ethically 5x Your Business This Year! 

You might know this, but I set HUGE goals and almost always CRUSH them.  

No, I’m not bragging, ok maybe just a little. Lol. 

The thing is that we all know how easy it is to set a goal then just leave it laying there until we completely forget about it. 

Well, if you want to learn how to get real, I mean massive GROWTH like 50x growth in 2 years you’re in the right place. 

Let’s start with the 3 keys to success 

The first one is Honesty!

That’s right always be honest.   If you don’t know how to do something don’t sell it.  I mean if you can figure it out then sell the heck out of it. 

But you aren’t going or me selling rebuilds on a jet engine because I don’t have the first clue where to start and I know how important it is that the rebuild is done right!

The other part of honesty is that if you don’t know the answer don’t make a up a lie, tell them the truth. Even if the answer makes you look or feel inadequate for the situation. 

Honesty is one of the biggest keys for true growth.

The next key to true success is the ability to listen.

I’m not just talking about listening to your customers, I’m talking about listening to yoru employees, your spouse, and yes the general public.  They all have some good points, and you can learn a lot from listening to them.

Recently we were super interested in purchasing a business because it would add to our services. 

We started talking to our current customers to see what they think about these new services we might be offering.

Well, we listened to what they said and pivoted to create a better service for them instead of growing the way we thought they wanted.

Now we offer something completely different, and it is even better for us and them.

Next time before you start designing a new product or service, take a few moments to talk to your customers and see what they think and want. You might be going down the wrong road and only need to make a small pivot to get back on track.

The last key is probably the most important one to get real, attainable growth.

Are you ready for it?

It is to always UNDER promise and OVER deliver!

Mic Drop!!!

Crazy right?

As a business and a person, I always try to go the extra mile.  Even if it takes more time, or we don’t make as much money we might have.

Recently we were down in Texas doing an audit for a company that invited us in.

When we got the contract the deal was that we would complete 10% of all their files and give them an oral report. 

We practice what we preach. So, we completed 15% of the files, and followed up with a written report with lots of visuals. 

Then to top it off while we were down there it was the Operations Managers birthday, so we made sure to do something special for the WHOLE TEAM for his birthday. (Even the CEO was impressed by what we did)

But that’s not all.

We also took the time to create an action plan to help them take care of EVERY action item we found.

Most companies would have only delivered on what they promised, but that’s not they way we role.

That’s also why in the first 2 years of business we have had over 500% growth!

The best part of all this is that after we finished up everything they actually brought us 5 more customers!

Think about what would have happened if we would have just done what our first contract required for us to complete.

Another great example of over delivering is when we were hired by a company to help get one of their companies with over 400 drivers into compliance.

When we first started talking and writing the contract we both agreed that if we could get their compliance up over 75% in one quarter they would be ecstatic.


We made it our goal to take them from 9% to 90% at the same time. 

Of course, we didn’t tell them that through.  That would have taken all of the fun out over delivering.  Because now they would be expecting us deliver 90% instead of 75%.

Well, guess what?

We busted our BUTTS to over deliver because that’s how we role.

In the end the Eclipse DOT team was able to not only get their company over 98% within 35 days, but we also coached and mentored their HR, safety, and fleet departments for the next 90 days to help them keep their compliance as high as possible.  

Again, we could have hit the 75% and threw our hand up and celebrated. But instead, we pushed even harder to get their compliance over 90%. Then we kept pushing until we got it almost to 100%.

After that they helped our business grow even MORE because they were talking about our services with everyone they knew.  They even helped give us the idea for our new software DOT Docs. www.DOTDocs.com.

If we hadn’t stepped in and stepped up to tackle their job then we would have never realized just how much this service is needed for all companies. Big and small.

You see we took the 3 keys and opened the lock for our future growth buy being honest, listening to our customers, employees and the public, and lastly over delivering.

So, if you want massive growth in your business or in your personal life. You can take these same 3 keys and open the door to your future.


Vehicle Inspections – Front of Vehicle

We are back like we never left. 

Today we continue our series on the ins and outs of vehicle inspections and are discussing the front of the vehicle. Which includes everything from the license plate to the engine compartment.

The first thing we at Eclipse DOT like to look at is…….. 

If the truck is level. 

To do so, make sure you are parked on a flat and level surface so you can evaluate the stance of the vehicle. 

Is it leaning to one side or the other? If so, this unit needs a more in-depth inspection into the reason behind it being off kilter. 

It might be something super simple like yoru load is not centered, or it might mean that you have a suspension issue that needs to be looked at.

The next thing we are going to look at is the lens condition on all of our lights on the front of the vehicle. These includes the:

  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Clearance lights
  • Fog lights (you have them) 

Make sure they don’t have cracks, chips, or breaks and they are mounted and secured properly. 

REMEMBER- if you are preparing for the skills test to get your CDL, like we do with all other portions of the vehicle inspection, whatever we inspect – we touch and verbalize what we are inspecting.

Next, take a peek under the truck. Do you see any puddles, leaks, or dripping? If you do, that’s a red flag and you need to stop the vehicle inspection and further investigate those leaks.

Moving right along, we are going to open up the hood of the vehicle and begin inspecting the engine and the items housed in the engine compartment. 

Making sure that these components are in good working order is important. Not only for our safety but also for the safety of everyone else on the road. 

WE like to start by looking at the components near the top of the engine compartment and work your way down to the ground. This will help ensure that we don’t miss any critical inspections.

The first thing we check is our engine oil. This is as simple as pulling out the dipstick wiping it off, sticking it back in and pulling out again then looking at the stick to make sure the oil level is between the add and full mark. 

We strongly encourage you to make sure that you follow your company policies on when to change the oil.

The next thing to check is that your air filter is mounted and secured properly, and that it is in good working condition. 

Now check your hoses throughout the engine compartment to make sure there are ABC’s or Abrasions, Bulges, or Cuts on any of the hoses.

Moving on, we are going to examine the steering components. This will include checking the level of the power steering fluid, examining the drag link, the pitman arm, the steering box, the steering shaft and all hoses that allow these components to operate in harmony. 

Now when you move to inspect the rest of the steering components, you should find them all in the same vicinity. For safety purposes, it is super important to make sure everything is mounted and secured properly so it does not come loose or even come apart while we are on the road. 

You also want to look for cracks, bends, or breaks on each component. 

This should lead down to the steering box. Inspect this component for welds holding it together, cracks, or other forms of extreme ware. As we do with all other components, we want to make sure this is also mounted and secured properly, so we can stay headed in the right direction! 

You will want to do the same inspection on the pitman arm and drag link, ensuring it is in the proper place, mounted and secured properly, and that it has not endured any damage that is compromising its integrity.

The next item will be the air compressor. 

This supplies air for our airbrake system. While all aspects of our inspections are important, the air compressor is a major safety component that needs to be in tip top shape to ensure not only our own safety, but also the safety of those around us. 

Now is the time when we inspect our coolant reservoir, ensuring it is filled to the proper level and that the reservoir itself is mounted and secured properly within the engine bay. 

We also want to be positive that all the hosing is secured and that there aren’t any breaks, cracks, or abrasions that are causing our coolant to leak into the engine compartment. 

Next check that your water pump is in good working condition. Make sure it is mounted and secured properly. If it is belt driven, make sure that belt is in good shape- i.e., no signs of fraying, cracking, or stripping off the brackets that keeps it on the pump itself. 

And finally, yes finally, the alternator. 

If you were to find exposed wires in your home, would you ignore it? Probably not. And you should treat your alternator the same way. 

Making sure there are no exposed wires that are mounted and secured properly, will help be sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for operation on a public highway. 

 Now you know what to look for when you open up your hood!

Want more information? See the list below for other guidelines on vehicle inspections under the hood.

Remember, keep the rubber side down and stay safe out there! 

Here is a list of times to check in the engine compartment, in order from top to bottom and passenger side to drivers’ side

  • Passenger side (usually)
    • Air filter
    • Engine oil level
    • Coolant level
    • Alternator
      • Almost always belt driven
    • Water Pump
      • Belt or Gear driven
    • Turbo
    • Hoses
    • Fan
  • Driver Side (Usually)
    • Hoses
    • Air Compressor
    • Power steering pump
    • Power steering reservoir
    • Fan
  • Suspension
    • Spring hangers front and rear
    • Springs
    • Shocks
  • Steering
    • Steering column 
    • Pitman’s arm
    • Drag link
    • Tie rod
    • King pins
  • Brakes
    • Air lines
    • Brake Chamber
    • Slack adjuster / Pushrod
    • Drums / Shoes or Rotors / Pads (rotors only on newer trucks still rare to see) most trucks have drum brakes
  • Wheels
    • Rim
    • Tire
      • Condition
      • Tread depth
      • Inflation
    • Lug Nuts
    • Axle Oil level / Axle Seal

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