Blessings are all around us

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work(2 Corinthians 9:8)


As I write this I’m sitting here looking at the sunset over the ocean in San Diego, CA.

So it’s easy to say that I am blessed. 

I get the amazing opportunity to look out from the deck of the beach house I rented and see the waves crashing into the beach and the amazing sunset that god is showing me.

And just a little bit ago we were tide pooling and these amazing girls found an octopus.  Not only did they find it, but they also showed it to the kids and then the kids messed around with it for a while.

As I said it is easy to say we are blessed!!

But here’s the thing.

I’m blessed even when we aren’t traveling, or things aren’t going the way I think they should be going.

Being blessed and knowing that you are blessed is a state of mind.

When I was younger and Jenna and I first got married and we couldn’t afford a pot to pee in (excuse my language, but it’s true) I still knew that I was blessed. Because God introduced me to an amazing partner for life.

Even when we fight I am still blessed that we get to argue together.

Or when the kids were born and pretty much every day we spend together is a blessing. We don’t have to get them new things to be blessed.  And I’m pretty sure that since we have had more than one kid there has never been a full day they have gone without fighting.

We still live a blessed life.

And when the business we run has TONS of issues (like every single day) instead of feeling cursed that things are running perfectly. It’s a blessing that we are encountering the issues that we do.  Because it makes us stronger.

You see God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called!!

Aback to my original point…….

Blessing is not a place that you go or the things that you get. 

It is a state of mind and is your choice if you choose to feel blessed or not.

And guess what?

No one can control whether you feel blessed or not!!!

It is 100% on you.  that’s right it is completely your choice whether you’re blessed or not.

Someone who wants to not worry about anything other than going to work in the morning and going home at night might think that owning a business is a curse. (heck I might even think that way sometimes. Lol)

But not me!!!

For me building the business we have built has been nothing but a blessing!!!

Another great example I got the opportunity to learn today is from my amazing queen, Jenna.

We went out as a family deep sea fishing. And it was all of our first times, except hers, she had gone before when she was a kid.

About 1 hour into our trip, Nathen started chumming the water.  (throwing up over the edge of the boat.)

Then about 30 minutes later Jenna joined him.

Then about an hour and a half later I decided that I needed to see what all the fuss was about so I joined the chumming.

Bless Jenna’s heart she threw up more than any of us.  And she was by far the in the best mood (except for Billy because he caught the most fish and didn’t get seasick, lol).  Afterward, the first words out of her mouth before we even got off the boat were, “That was so much fun, I am so glad that we went what a blessing!”

Personally, I was still trying to get over my sea stomach.  She was too, but her attitude of it all being a blessing was amazing.


Time to take action

Now is the time to take action!!!

I want you to think of the last time that you were blessed, but you didn’t realize it.

Can you think of any????

I have about 200,000 times!!!  Like being seasick just earlier today!  (my head is bobbing like I’m still on the water. Lol)

Now I want you to pause and give thanks to God for the blessing that came from it.


Are you Qualified?

God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


Last night while sitting in our beach house the kids were searching through the videos that were available.

And they ran across the DreamWorks movie, “The Prince of Egypt”

If you haven’t seen it I would recommend that you check it out.

It is a fairly accurate portrayal of Moses’s life up to the point just after they crossed the sea.

As we were watching the movie a few things popped up in my mind.

The first was that God can do anything!

So when you start to feel deflated or like you might not be able to accomplish with you have set out to do.  Just remember that if God can split the red sea, and make the 7 plagues come upon the land of Egypt.

Then he can help you finish your task.

As long as you don’t lose heart.

Another thing that happened to pop into my mind was that people haven’t changed much since the time of Moses.

Think about it…..

Moses got the pharaoh to let the Hebrews go when they had been enslaved for years.

Then when they got to the red sea they all started to turn on him!

Why did you bring us out of Egypt, just to die out here!!!  was just one thing that they said.

Then they did it again just after crossing the red sea. 

Why did you bring us out of Egypt to wonder the desert and die out here???

As people, we tend to lose sight of what God has given us. Even if he just gave something awesome YESTERDAY!!

The last thing that really stood out to me is that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

What I mean by that is that Moses wasn’t qualified to lead the people of Israel. 

He was slow in speech and had a ton of self-doubt. 

I mean, he actually asked God to give him someone that would talk on his behalf to the pharaoh and the Hebrews.

God didn’t call on Moses because he was qualified. 

It was actually quite the opposite!!

So the next time you feel that you are not qualified to do what you are being called to do.

Remember that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called!


Take action

Today I want you to take a second and read the story of Moses.

Then after you read (listen to) it. I want you to reflect on all the things that you have accomplished and think about if you were qualified to accomplish those tasks, or if you became qualified because you accomplished those.

Second I would like you to think about what it means to have a herd mentality.

That is where you follow what everyone else is doing. 

Now ponder for a moment on those moments that made you qualified, were they because you used the herd mentality, or was it because you thought outside the box and pushed away from the herd?


A Little More

Do we choose our missions and sometimes our missions choose us?

When I became a CLD tester I was sure that I chose my mission.

But now that I reflect on that “choice” I’m not so true that I chose that mission.

It might have chosen me!

Ok the more I reflect on it I am 1000% sure IT choose me.

I might have thought, “it sure would be nice to make a couple hundred $$ a week to begin with.  Or maybe it sure would be nice to be known as a CDL tester in our community.

Was I qualified to be a CDL tester when I first started looking into it???


I mean I was a good driver, but I didn’t really have the people skills that I needed to be a GREAT tester.

I still remember the first few tests that I did.

There is a part when as the tester I say, “Up ahead, pull the truck over to the right side of the road and secure it as if we were going to get out and check something at the rear of the vehicle.”

The first few times I did this, ok more like the first year. The driver would look at me and say, “did I do something wrong?”

Then I would have to explain how it is just a procedure we have to do for the test.

Now after being a tester for over a decade, no one asks me if they did something wrong.

Because now I know how to say it without causing them to question if they have done something wrong.

My point here is that, to begin with, I was not a qualified tester, but now I am overqualified and have helped numerous other people become qualified CDL testers.

Eclipse DOT is the exact same.

When I first started the business, was I qualified to be a business owner?


But I was called to run this business.  So I did the best I could.

Now, 3 years later. I’m still not qualified to run it.  but I am way more qualified to do it than I used to be.

The exact same thing with God’s First Life!

When we start a new project we are not usually qualified to accomplish that project.

But by the end, we are usually overqualified for that project.  As long as we try hard and give it the “ole college try”!!

Next time you feel that you can’t do something because you don’t know how to do it. just remember that no one qualified when they are called to start the new project.

You Have To Be Willing to Put in the Work

When you want something you have to be willing to take a chance and go after it.


The other day I was chatting with someone about business and where they wanted to end up in life.

I asked if they had a clear purpose and destination in their life of where they wanted to be in the next few years or heck even the next 30 days.

They told me that long term they really wanted to have a business that they could hand down to their kids to run.

That sounds pretty good to me.

So I asked them what they were willing to do to make that happen.

Their answer kind of shocked me.

“Well Dan, I’m not really sure how to make that happen.  If someone was to hand me a million dollars then I could probably create one.  Or maybe if they could just give me a business that I could run then I would have it.”

If you know me you know that I’m not really good at hiding my expressions. So I am 10000% sure that they could see the look on my face.

Before I could do anything they started talking again.

“Dan you sure are lucky that the Lord has blessed you with so much and such a GREAT life!  I wish that would just happen to me.  Someone would just give me a business like yours to be my own.  You know or give the money to start one!”

My first thought was….

Yes, I am lucky that he has blessed me.

And don’t get me wrong I give God FULL credit for everything in my life.  From my amazing wife Jenna, to my kids, to where I live, to the business, our clients, our team, our stuff, the way I was raised, our community, and the experiences that I get to have.

But I have also worked my butt off for him and the life that I have. It wasn’t just handed to me.

After those thoughts passed through my head. I literally laughed out loud!!!

Then I pondered for a second how to respond.

I told him this story.

A very strong Christian was walking through the desert in AZ when he saw this amazing garden.

His first thought was what is the amazing beautiful garden doing out here in the middle of the desert?

Then his next thought was this is a mirage!!

As he walked closer he saw that it was REAL.  So he walked through the gate and marveled at the beauty of the garden and all the plants.

Then he decided that he was going to find the owner and let them know that this garden was only possible because god had blessed it.

As he walked around he found the owner. And proceeded to let him know, “You know that this amazing garden is only possible because of God!”

After about a 30-minute “lesson” (more like a lecture) he finally stopped talking to the owner.

The entire time the owner sat there patiently listening to the Christians lecture.

When he had finished the Christian asked him what he had to say.

The gardener responded, “You are 100% correct this is only possible because of God, but you should have seen this place before I got here. It was just a desert!”

My point here is that god gives us opportunities every day.

It is our choice if we take up the task as our own.  And if we do then God wants to see us succeed.


We have to make the decision to do the work.

God is not going to “hand” you a business, or a finished project.

Because he knows that as people we won’t appreciate the finished product the same if we don’t labor in the creation.

Just like making babies. It’s a lot of fun to begin with.  Then a lot of work, about 18+ years. Then finally after years and years of effort, we get to enjoy watching the fruits of our labor venture out into the world and eventually we become grandparents.

I think you get my point.

God will give us the tools to succeed but we have to be willing to do the work.


Take Action

Today I want you to pause for a second and think about if you have thought about how blessed someone else is.

Did you do it potentially with a haughty heart? (Longing for what they have.)

If you did, look at the risks they took to get where they are.

Are you willing to take those same risks?

The next time you look at anyone else’s creation don’t look at the finished product.

Look at the labor that went into the creation.  From the initial thought (concept) to the design, to the first round, to the finished refined product.


A little more.

As I stand here writing this I am reflecting on the conversation that I had with that person.

And my mind is still blown that they thought that I had been handed everything that I have.

The truth is that that thought is 1000% wrong. 

I went back and reflected on all the decisions that I have made that lead me to where I am today.

From not letting Jenna break up with me in high school. That’s right she wanted to break up at one point and I told her “No I wouldn’t let her do that.”  Then we worked through the issues we were having.

To build our house, we were turned down by more than 9 banks before we finally got approved for a construction loan. And the only reason we got approved was that we found the heart of one person and one branch.  Because we had already been rejected at the main branch.  It was only when I went to a branch that that manager decided to take a gamble on us.

To becoming a CDL tester, it took me over 1.5 years to get figure out the process and get approved by the state.  I had literally had to get approved by a testing unit that knew nothing about me before the state would consider letting me into the program.  Then after that, I had to take time off of work to go to Denver for a week for training. I browed money from my parents to get up there. Then I stayed with my wife’s cousin and she let me borrow her car to back and forth to the training.

Then when Jenna came up to pick me up she got a flat tire and Billy (5 at the time) had to help her change the tire on our van.  And the spare was low on pressure someone amazing stopped by to help her.

To starting our own business, it took years to get traction.  Then after making the decision to step out on our own corona hit less than 4 months later!!  We hired one of our best friends and because of the economic situation, we could keep them employed.  From the daily ups and downs of starting a business to growing into a small business.

To have customers that we bought permits for with our money NEVER pay us back.  Making a mistake after mistake after mistake and learning from every single one of those mistakes. I’m sure that we are not done making mistakes yet!!

I bought a truck thinking that we would be doing a ton of CDL training and testing. Only to have that same truck sit for almost 12 months before I sold it because we didn’t even put 200 miles on it.

To getting my pilot’s license. I wrote a whole devotional on that process alone.  You should read it was GREAT.

The short version is that I got started, but then my instructor put me behind other students. Then when I was ready to go solo in a multi-engine, the instructor told me that he was no longer going to be an instructor.  Just after I helped him add a very unique endorsement to his license using my plane.

To pivoting and finally getting to the finish line.

And whatever comes next in this crazy adventure we call life.

I have had TONS of help.  But every single time something happened I had to be the first one to take action.

I had to ask Jenna on a date. I had to draw up plans for the house and ask the bank for $$.  I had to be relentless when I wanted to become a CDL tester. I put my whole family at risk when we started our business. For my pilot’s license, I had to pivot and find a different direction when the instructor left me hanging. 

Everything that has happened in my life is because I took action.

It was never handed to me, just like it hasn’t been handed to you.

So, if you are one of those who are waiting for an opportunity to come knocking at your door.

Get your butt off the couch, stop playing on your phone, and start looking for that opportunity. 

Because it most likely it is right in Infront of you.  You just have to bend over and pick it up.

Thomas Eddison said it best when he said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Imbalance Is Not A Bad Thing

Imbalance, when embraced, can lead to growth and new possibilities.

Today I would like to take you back to when we built our house. 

Talk about a time of imbalance. 

Jenna always knew that we wanted to build a house. And we also knew that we wanted to build it ourselves. 

We had 2 stipulations that we both agreed on before we started building our home. 

  1. We would not be pregnant while we built. 

Jenna wanted to be involved in the building and I knew that I needed her help. 

I love my queen, but when she was pregnant she was miserable. Sick all the time. Extremely irritable. Short tempered. Not understanding at all. Nothing was ever good enough. 

  1. Our kid’s rooms would be 100% the same size so that none of them could complain about the other having a bigger room.  

Both were great things to agree on. 

The thing is that we didn’t bring God into these decisions. We made them and that was that. 

I’m pretty sure that he heard us talking, looked at us, smiled, and said, “Watch this!  I’m going to give you what you NEED not what you want!!!”

We started building our house in February of 2011. Brianna Lynn Greer Was born in March of 2012. 

It took us 14 months to build our home.

You do the math!

Jenna got pregnant just a few months after we started building. Lol

We designed our house for 2 kids. 

Now we have 4……….

None of our kids have the same size rooms. 


Back to the point of this story. 

During the 14 months, it took us to build our home we were extremely imbalanced. 

You should know that Jenna and I built this house with our own 2 hands. 

There were only 2 things that we hired out.  The first was the tape and texture of our drywall.  I had a grandpa that wanted to help us, so he hired some of his buddies to tape and texture our drywall. 

The second thing we hired out was the stucco.

We had a group of people come by and ask if they could stucco our house. They gave me the estimate, and it was so reasonable that I couldn’t do it for that price. So we hired them to do that. 

When I say that we built a house I don’t mean that hired someone to build our home. I mean that we built it from the ground up. 

I dug the foundation, set the footers, ordered, poured, and trowled the concrete. 

Framed the walls, plumbed the house, wired it for electricity, and installed the in-floor heating.

We were doing things that were so far ahead of our time when the inspectors came out to do one of the inspections. He said, “If you didn’t have all this work done I would make you tear it all out and start from scratch. 

Then later on he came back and said, what you did 12 months ago is just now starting to become popular. I’m glad I didn’t make you tear it out.  They are saying what you did is the best possible way to do it. 

When I say we built our home I MEAN WE BUILT OUR HOUSE!

I would get up go to work, come home and go to work on the house.  Then about 10 or 11 pm I would go to bed. Then get up the next day and do it all over again. 

On weekends I was up before the sun came up and worked well into the night by lights. 

Talk about a time of imbalance. 

But here is the thing. 

After that short 14 months of doing NOTHING except building our house. We are still enjoying our home to this day. 12 years and counting!

Originally we built our home on our own because my dad built his, and my grandparents built theirs. 

Not to mention it was going to save us a TON of $$$$.

In the end, I know that god had us build this amazing home because he needed me to know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.  

He needed to know that if the world laughs at you, it shouldn’t detour you. Instead, it should be the fuel that makes your passion EXPLODE!

He needed me to go through that process so that was we boot-strap a multi-million $$ business I would know that times of imbalance are needed for ultimately achieving EXTREME goals.

How To Have It All

How to have it all while being personally and professionally satisfied, if that’s even possible for those of us who are driven.

When things are scary, just do it!

Before we dive into today’s thought, I want to share a little about myself.

I’m from Southwest Colorado & we live on my great-grandfather’s homestead.  My kids are the 5th generation to grow up on the same chunk of dirt.  There’s not too many people who can say that.

Now that’s a blessing and also somedays a curse depending on how you look at it. But for the most part, it’s a blessing to live around family.

You can see more of my life on my socials – where I tend to go a little deeper. My handle is @therealdangreer on Instagram for those of you on there.

Okay, let’s dive in!

It is possible to truly have it all when we choose to relentlessly pursue our calling.

The first thing we need to understand is that we all have a calling in our lives. Everyone is called to do something. I am called to be a father, husband, believer, to start a business and help others.

Working in the trucking and regulation space, the whole DOT side of things is a calling God placed in my life. I know that DOT Regulations are like speaking Greek for most people out there, but that is my calling.

This has led me to start a business and even start a non-profit, doing weekly devotionals, and so many other things because I chose to pursue because of the callings God placed in my life.

I’m not sharing any of this to brag, but I want to show you guys what is possible.

My son is super hardheaded, and he absolutely loves animals. He’s into falconry and is such a smart kid, he got his falconry license when turned 16.

He is one of the youngest in the country to do that.

I have a son who wants to be a voice actor, and my daughter loves to teach, that’s her calling, and my youngest, bless him, wants to be like me someday. And I really hope he realizes just how much of an imperfect person I am.

I digress.

Part of having it all is listening to that calling. This brings us to our first step in the framework.

  1. Acknowledging that we are called for something.

Many of us are called for things we are not ready to do.  Part of my calling personally is to share my love of God with others. Part of it is being a loving husband.

The goal is to acknowledge that we have a calling placed on our lives and working out our path to relentlessly pursue it.

  1. Accept our calling.

Starting Eclipse DOT was something I put off for years. I personally denied starting a business and wasn’t willing to accept my calling.

The truth is that I used to say, “I will never own a business because I do not want the stress that comes with it!”

But when I finally accepted it, my life changed.

We recently watched the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and in it we see Jane Foster, Thor’s girlfriend, accepting that Thor’s old hammer was calling her. She makes her way to the place where the hammer is kept, and she picks it up even though Thor was the only person who was worthy to lift it in the past.

When she gets there, walks over to this shattered hammer and all of the pieces magically come back together and float into her hand.

Now that might not be the best analogy but acknowledging and accepting our calling is crucial to living a life where we can have it all.

  1. Take Action.

Start putting yourself out there. It doesn’t have to be huge steps but moving the needle is important to pursue our calling.

Let’s take a moment to look at architects. Now I’m quite sure, no architect starts off their career by designing a skyscraper. They probably started off by building a small house or shed, then they designed a bidder house, then maybe a mansion, then maybe a story building. Then they moved up to a 10-story building.

Likewise, you don’t want to start by trying to run a billion-dollar company if you have never ran a $100,000 company. The things you learn at each phase are extremely important.

  1. Pursue our calling, relentlessly.

Let’s start with what relentless means 

Dan’s definition is: Never Giving Up. Fighting until you win. Finding a way to make it happen no matter what.

That is Relentless to me.

So far there have been tons of times while I have been going after my calling when I felt unbalanced.

This isn’t a BAD thing.

Here’s the thing when you get relentless you get unbalanced, for a short period of time.

Let’s look at when I built our home.

I would get up early and be at work before the sun came up.  Work a 10+ hour day at work.  Then as soon as I got home I started building our home.

Every hour of the weekend and every hour I was awake was spent on pursuing that dream.

It took me just 14 months to complete our house. And we built it by ourselves, with help from family. But I literally troweled every inch of concrete, laid every hose for the heating and plumbing, hung every sheet of drywall, screwed down every piece of tin on the roof, wired every single light switch in our whole house, and nailed every stud in every wall.

This was a season in my life where I was radically imbalanced and relentless. But as I accomplished my dream my life started to become even more balanced than it was before.

Now I am in much of the same state again because we are building this business.

And like the house, I am driving every “Nail” throughout the business. 

But in the end, I know that my relentless pursuit will have amazing rewards.

In the relentless pursuit of our calling, being unbalanced is unavoidable, but focusing on the right thing helps us move toward our calling.

I want to leave you with this thought. NEVER GIVE UP. Pursue your calling, relentlessly with passion, even when you can’t see it.

Build Your Habits To Build Your Life

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

I have been reading a new book. Well, new to me. It seemed like everyone around me was raving about it. 

So, I figured, what the heck? Atomic Habits by James Clear was the hot item at the time. 

And I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

Habits. We’ve all got them. 

And most of us probably have a few habits that we find to be healthy for our mental or physical wellbeing, and a few habits we know are not promoting the healthiest lifestyle that we can live.  

Most of the time, with the trendy books and help guru advice, I tend to scoff and move on with business as usual… 

I figured judging a book by its cover (no pun intended) seemed to be a habit I had developed. And in hindsight, probably not a super healthy habit to be stuck in.

I figured if there’s anything to this habit of building mumbo jumbo, I may as well start now and save my judgments on this book for when I ACTUALLY have something to judge!

Not long after purchasing and reading this book, I was talking to a good friend of mine, Daniel Greer. 

Dan and I often shoot the breeze in between conducting CDL testing and training sessions.

I asked Dan about what he did in his day to day lifestyle that was fundamental in helping him achieve his goals and develop a company that is not only appreciated by the community but is growing rapidly every single day.

And what Dan said to me, in not so many words, was uncannily similar to the message of my trendy new book…

Dan asked me about my habits. 

He wanted to know what my morning routine looked like, how I chose to wind down at the end of a crazy day, etc. 

And the realization we had was that I had no structure to my schedule. I was living one moment at a time.

Not that there is anything absurd about being in the moment. We could all probably benefit from living in the moment a bit more, but too much of a good thing is what?

You guessed it… A bad thing. 

We then discussed where I felt I could use more structure and how I thought implementing some disciplined habits might improve my productivity and my attitude. 

And in my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined the power in making what seem like such minor changes could have on my life. 

I went from dreading getting out of bed and starting my day to being as excited for a mundane Tuesday as your dog is when you home from a long day at the office. 

A to-do list that would normally take me two days to complete became something I was able to accomplish in HALF that amount of time. 

I began to feel more confident, more driven, more productive, and more valuable. 

Not just in my occupation, but in my personal life also. 

I think what most of us struggle to remember, as cliché as it may be, is that the first step is always the hardest one to take. 

It seems healthy habits are hard to build. But I might venture to say they are even harder to break. 

Habits are tough to build because it’s based on self-control. 

How much willpower do you have? 

Are you going to eat another slice of chocolate cake?

Are you going to skip out on the gym because you had a ‘long day’? 

Are you going to stay up late again and catch up on your favorite show? 


Can you skip dessert tonight knowing you’re building healthier dietary habits? 

Can you still get a workout in, even though you worked a few extra hours and had a stressful day? 

Can you get to bed on time and save that binge watching extravaganza for the weekend? 

Because newsflash…. 

There’s always more chocolate cake. 

If you stay active and commit yourself to showing up to the gym every day, one day you won’t want to miss out on it, no matter how “long” your day was. 

And that show you love on Netflix? It will be waiting for you come Saturday evening. 

It can feel impossible to implement these changes. You almost feel like you’re punishing yourself sometimes.

You aren’t. 

You are growing. And there’s a reason they call them growing pains. 

So let’s turn the lens a bit…. 

Where do you see yourself developing maybe not-so-healthy habits and how is it affecting you? 

What do you think would improve for you if you decided to work on developing that not-so-healthy habit into a habit that not only encourages your health and happiness, but your success as well? 

I heard someone say, “Nothing worth doing is easy.” 

And this is worth doing. 


So… No. 

This isn’t going to be easy. 

But soon enough it will be better than easy. 

Soon enough, what was once not so easy will become your strongest habit. 

Being able to build healthy habits will be the greatest tool in your tool belt, once you realize the momentum it can put behind you on your way to achieving your goals. 

And so, I want to leave you with two questions to ponder:

1) What, in your eyes, is the habit you have developed that is the most detrimental to your success? 

2) How can you re-engineer that habit to work for you rather than against you?

Limiting Beliefs

I’d like to start with a verse Psalms 139:13,  ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. ‘

What I feel that this verse really means is that we are ALL part of God’s plan and that we all have been given a purpose.

If you know me you know that I FIRMLY believe that we were all created for a purpose and that everything in life happens for a reason.

Yes, even the limiting beliefs that we have.

Those are there for a reason too.

But before we get too deep into those limiting beliefs. Let’s talk about what a limiting belief is.


Before we do that let me just say this. If this topic scares you a little bit, that’s ok.  Talking about limiting beliefs and especially mine scares the HECK out of me.

So if it’s all right, for this devotional I would really like to get personal and vulnerable with you. All that I ask is that you don’t laugh TOO loud at me.  (notice I didn’t ask you not to laugh at me, lol)


Back to the topic at hand. 

What is a limiting belief?

Well, my definition of a limiting belief is anything that you personally believe that is holding you back.

Tony Robbins says that limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who we are that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be. These beliefs limit us from reaching our full potential.

Personally like his definition a little better than mine.

One example of a limiting belief that used to have was that I am not good at reading.

I was told throughout my school career that I was a slow reader and that I wasn’t good at it by several teachers and LOTS of kids in my classes.

So I adopted that limiting belief, and lived by it.   

From 3rd grade all the way through graduation I never read a complete book, except for 2 Tim Allen books (Don’t Stand Too Close To A Naked Man & I’m Not Really Here).  I did hundreds of book reports and participated in class discussions, but never actually read the books.

Shhhh. Don’t tell my English teachers or parents, lol

I actually held onto this limiting belief until I was well into my 20s.  I would say I was probably 27ish when I finally broke this belief.

As a kid, I loved staying at Grandma Greer’s house (even though it was only a ½ mile away from my house) because at night she would read a book to us to go to bed.

I wanted to adopt that with my kids. So I started reading to them at night. Jenna helped me pick a book that the kids and I would like, then I started reading it to them every night I was home.

I would read for about 20-30 minutes a night.

At first, I was scared to death to read out loud because I might not get the words right. but I quickly realized that I was the only one who could see the words. The kids were in bed so they couldn’t correct me.

So, when I messed up on a word I powered through it like I knew what I was talking about.

Before long I wasn’t messing up on any of the words. And in about 3 months of reading every single night, I started telling myself, “hey you are good at reading.”

It was about that time that I discovered that I LOVE to read books.

Now I listen to and read about 50 books this year alone. 

The other day I was talking to my dad and we got on the topic of books and how many I read this year. And I discovered one of his limiting beliefs.

When I said that I read 48 books so far and was in the middle of another one. He asked, did you read them or listen to them?

My immediate thought was, “WHO CARES????????”

Do you see his limiting belief?

You can’t listen to a book. You MUST read it from a physical book format to get the knowledge out of it.

The thing with limiting beliefs is that they can haunt you for a long time. And the truth of the matter is that they usually aren’t really true. Like at all!!! 

It’s just a made-up story that Satan helps us craft so that we limit ourselves from the full potential that God wants and NEEDS us to achieve to be ultimately successful.

I could do a whole book on limiting beliefs and how to break them. (Heck who knows maybe I will someday?!?!?!)  But for today I really want you to KNOW that God created us all for a purpose. It is our duty to do our best to live up to that purpose.

Time To Take Action

This one is going to be a little tougher.

Are you ready for it?

First off I would like you to go and listen to my podcast “Leading From The Middle Of The Pack” There is an episode that I recently released on Limiting Beliefs. That I think would be very beneficial for you to listen to.

Check it out here

Second I would like to take a few moments to write your answers down for the following.

What are 3 of my most limiting beliefs?

What are the negative consequences that each belief has caused me so far in my life?

How has each belief affected my life negatively by having them?

What have I missed out on by accepting each of these beliefs? 

What is the WORST consequence that could happen if I keep each belief in my life?

What Belief Do I Want to replace each of these with?

This is going to be deep….

But I know that you can do it.

And just to prove that you can do it, here is mine.

Some of my most limiting beliefs are?

  • I am not good enough
  • I will never try hard to be enough. I will fail because I never actually will. My business will fail, my relationships will struggle, and I will stop growing. I will lose my faith because I will Sight God. The stress of not having enough. Having a hard time paying bills 
  • I have missed out on amazing relationships. Success earlier in life and financial freedom 
  •  Losing my relationship with Jenna 
  • I don’t deserve to be happy 
  • My relationships will fail along with my business and faith. Cause my entire life to collapse on itself. 
  • Ultimately it will cost me everything. Jenna could leave me, my kids could lose faith in me. I could lose everything.  
  • Losing my relationship with Jenna 
  • I don’t deserve success 
  • I will stop trying to win. I will not grow or try to grow. I will lose sight of what is really important not only to me but also to my family, business, and clients. 
  •  It has cost me true wealth. Not $$ but wealth. Being able to invest in what I want when I want and the growth of my company. It has also put stress on my marriage. 
  •  Losing my company 
  • I can’t celebrate my wins 
  • I will stop winning because I don’t feel like it is a win. I will stop trying to get better and will allow others to pass me up in life and business 
  • This belief hurts everyone in my life. At home, I come across as not happy or ever satisfied.  I accomplish a goal and then move directly into the next one without stopping to acknowledge how good I just did. This could cause me to ruin my business marriage and relationship with God.
  • Losing my relationship with Jenna  
  • I will look dumb if I share where I am or am not business-wise with my peers 
  • I will not be able to get help from anyone because no one will be able to help me grow to the next stage. I have to stop putting on a face and move forward into that next step of opening up and letting others know where I am. 
  • My entire business could collapse

What are the new beliefs I am replacing the old ones with 

  • I am always enough to everyone and God Built me to Succeed 
  • I deserve to be happy and blessed 
  • I require success 
  • I celebrate my wins with such confidence that Noone can contain me 
  • God love me and want me to succeed 
  • God needs me to celebrate my wins 
  • God wants me to charge so that others can coach me 
  • God wants me to know that I am enough. He wants me to succeed, be happy, win, share, and celebrate.

My DOT Expert Story

It’s the one thing that I get asked almost every day since we started Eclipse DOT, and although I love DOT more than any other human on this Earth and have spent countless hours trying to figure out a quick answer to the question. I didn’t have one.

“So…. Why is being compliant with DOT regulations so important?” a business owner asked me.

I smiled for a few seconds, knowing that the only way I could get him to really understand was to tell him a story, “Do you mind if I tell you a quick story about how I found out about DOT regulations and why they are so important? I think that’ll be the best way for you to understand why knowing the regulations is so important.” He agreed, and I started my story about how I discovered why DOT Regulations were so important to understand.

When I was working for a large, 1200+ driver company as an instructor. That company was audited by DOT, and they did NOT fare very well.  In fact, they failed miserably.  The only division of the company that was in compliance was mine.

While that made me feel really good, I was 5 guys out of 1200. 

Then about 3 months after the audit, the president of the company came to my office one day and asked me personally if I would take on the task of getting them into compliance.

Before this, I was literally a driver trainer.  And before that, I was just a driver. I had absolutely no idea what DOT regulations really were.  I knew that you had to inspect your truck every day and follow the Hours of Service rules. But I had no idea there were other regulations that companies needed to follow with DOT.  I really wanted to succeed in this new role, but I didn’t even know where to start looking for answers

What I really wanted was to become an expert that other people could lean on. Someone who others called to ask questions because they trusted what I had to say.  I also wanted to prove myself to the world and all the people who thought I would never amount to anything.

Trying to learn about DOT regulations was like learning a new language.

I tried lots of different things that never really worked.  I watched about a million webinars.  Then I went to “training” in big cities where they just tried to sell me something but didn’t really teach me anything. I tried calling DOT officers across the nation and read the regulations until I would pass out from boredom. But there was nothing out there to help me really understand what I needed to do.

At least nothing simple.

I kept getting this answer from everyone, “Just read the regulations”

At about that time I felt called to start building my own systems and processes for DOT compliance.  I had figured out just enough to get started and I could keep learning as I continued to build.  So, I started by building a driver’s list and included everything that was required from the regulations plus what I really wanted for our company.

Next, I started contacting the guys in the field asking them for documents. Along with asking them lots of questions about what they were doing so that I could better understand the company. 

The problem with that was that I was asking for so much from the guy’s in the field and they didn’t know who I was.  Before my promotion, I kept to myself and didn’t say much to anyone else in the company. No one really knew who I was. They just saw my name on emails and their caller id. So, they didn’t know if I actually knew what I was talking about.

Almost overnight I went from having some success to no one wanting to talk to me at all. That meant that I had 2 options. One, find a way to get the field to work with me, or two, give up and say I tried but couldn’t get the company into compliance.

Over the next couple of weeks, I ended up locking myself in my office and combing through what I had already pulled for driver files. Because I just couldn’t get anyone to talk to me about them. Then one day while I was watching my 5th webinar of the day, I noticed that it was full of DOT lingo.  A few short months ago this was like a foreign language to me, but now I have learned to kind of understand it.

Then it hit me like I was walking into a brick wall.

I needed to find a way to communicate with the drivers in a way that they could actually understand the regulations!

The way the government wrote the regulations was too confusing for almost the whole world. I was blessed with the ability to take something extremely complex and complicated and then turn it into a simple conversation.

I also needed to be 100% transparent with not only the leadership team but our whole company on our numbers and statistics. They needed to know where we stood and what was being done to help their team get into compliance.

I realized from this experience that the secret to successfully changing a DOT Program wasn’t WHAT I was doing, but HOW I was doing it. I needed to simplify the process and the language to make it easier to understand and digest.

I got so excited by the strategy that I had just had an epiphany about, and I wanted to see if it would actually work. So, I started to build a DOT Compliance spreadsheet.  As I built it, I would modify it to be exactly what I needed. I added tons of columns and then started adding equations and tons of little extras that would make my life easier. I had it to where I could break it down into everything that the leadership team needed to see. Not only that, but I also built it where I could easily send out sections of it to different groups of the company so that they could see only their stuff.

Then to top it off I created visual charts and graphs to show progress for each division of the company.

After that, I started to make it a game for the different drivers and leaders in the company to see who could get their team into compliance the fastest.

At the same time, I started to send out emails that would begin educating the entire company on DOT and why it was so important to our lifeblood. These short paragraphs that went out weekly made a huge difference. It also helped everyone to know that I was on their side and that I wanted to do more than just my job. I was there to help them GROW.

It was like someone opened the floodgates. Overnight my email would fill up with the documents that I needed to get our team into compliance. Every morning I would have a stack of papers on my desk that had come in from across the company.

In less than 4 months we had our whole company up to more than 80% compliant. And in just under 6 months, we were sitting at 99% compliant. There is always one or 2 drivers out there that are hard to deal with. Lol.  Leaders from across the company were asking me to come to their division and hold training for their drivers, foreman, HR, and Safety people to help them better understand the regulations.

As exciting as that is, I wanted to see if my frameworks could also work for other companies. 

Soon, I launched our business Eclipse DOT, where we could help TONS of companies learn about why DOT regulations were so important and help them reduce the risk they didn’t even know existed.

If this worked for one LARGE company, how many other companies could benefit from my expertise and these frameworks that teach complicated things in a way simple enough that even my kids could understand them?

By now I’ve shared these frameworks with thousands of other companies. I’ve watched as one company took them and transformed their entire DOT program. They went from under 9% compliant to over 98% compliant in less than 35 days. And they have more than 400 drivers spread out across 5 states. They did all this while keeping up with their other daily duties. Like HR, Safety, Fleet, and yes even Operations.

I’ve even watched Alex go from getting his CDL and starting his company to owning 3 trucks outright in less than 2 years without any outside capital!  He took our frameworks and grew his business beyond belief. We have helped countless other companies to do the same.

After I became a DOT Expert, my entire life changed. I was able to start my own business and help tons of other companies improve their DOT programs and compliance ratings.  We have helped tens of thousands of drivers get into compliance and thousands of DOT professionals look like rockstars to their companies and drivers.

But what was even cooler than that was that I became known nationwide as a DOT expert. I have been invited to speak at events, podcasts, and webinars across North America. How cool is that?

On top of all that, we’ve watched as a countless number of others have been able to free themselves and better serve their people because of the frameworks that we created.  Some have even launched their own businesses using our frameworks!

“Wow I run a  _____ blank company that uses trucks, so you think that your DOT frameworks can help me?” This is usually the response that I get from most people after sharing my story. 

Having Hater’s Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

Part of our business is providing training for companies.

We go into their business and provide them with training on TONS of different topics.

Some of the things that we have touched on so far include: Defensive driving, What to do when you are the first at an accident, forklift operations, safe equipment operations, OSHA walk through, Vehicle inspections, load securements, pretty much anything DOT related, slips trips and falls, drug awareness, hazmat awareness, and so much more…..

Recently I was at a company talking to their drivers. The topic came up about what we should do if we are diving and are the first ones to find an accident in the middle of the road.

This was an easy question for me because of my fire background.

I told her that the first thing I would do is put my hazards on and call 911. As I was calling 911 I would walk up and see just how bad the accident was.

If someone needed immediate attention I would be sure to let 911 know. 

The next thing I would do is that I would use my truck to shield the accident. I explained how when a fire truck comes up to an accident scene they literally park their truck at an angle a short distance from the accident across one lane of traffic.

The reason for this is that if someone is not paying attention and they come barreling down the road, they will hit the truck and not proceed into the accident, making a horrible situation even worse.

That driver will hit the truck, something that can easily be replaced, then be deflected off the side of the road. 

Somehow that ruffled one of the drivers’ feathers. He bowed up and said there is no way I am going to do that. It’s not my responsibility!

I said that it was 100% their choice what they did, but I would gladly sacrifice my truck if it saved even one life.

After the training the manager of the company came to me and said, that was solid advice, thanks for sharing it with our guys.  That is something that I really want to implement throughout my department.  Thanks again.

I didn’t think anything of it.

Then a few weeks later I got a call from a local state trooper. “Hey Dan, are you telling drivers that it is their OBLIGATION to BARRICADE the road when there is an accident, and they get stuck in traffic?”

Wait, what did you just ask me?

No joke, those were the words that this one driver told the state trooper, word for word.

So I took a few moments to explain what really happened and exactly what I told the guys.

As we were wrapping up the conversation he said to me, “Dan that is great wisdom to share, I’m not sure how this idiot got his wires crossed, but if you really told them what you just told me, your influence could actually save lives on the road, thanks for what you do!”

A few days later I saw the driver that had that conversation with the state trooper, and he or his wife wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.

I just laughed in my head at the situation.

Because I knew that God had my back. And I also knew that having a hater isn’t always a bad thing. It just means that I am gaining success in my industry.

I smile as I write this, because I know the whole situation. And I feel that you would benefit from knowing it as well.

I worked with the person to help them get the business they bought off the ground. But as soon as they showed that they wanted to cut corners, constantly, I knew that we wouldn’t be a good fit to work together.

So, I ended the relationship, with no hard feelings at all. At least on my end. 

Today their business is still at the safe revenue they were at when we stopped working together, while our on the other hand was 5X in that same amount of time.

I’m not telling you this to brag. In fact, I had a hard time leaving this in here.

I tell you this so that you can see that when you start succeeding, others get greedy and turn into haters.

If you are someone who is willing to put in the work. We are opening up 5 spots in our business coaching program. To learn more you can send me an email

Until next time.

Dan Greer

Everything Happens for a Reason

What you are going through right now is giving you the ability to prove to yourself that you DO HAVE THE ABILITY to do this.

Recently I have been going through a ton of “harder” times.

I will go over just a few of them so you can see what I’m saying.

On a recent trip to a small town in Texas, I had a rental car reserved, and they gave it away before I got there. Then they didn’t have any more cars to give me.

So I had to rent a U-Haul to get to and from the job site which was an hour’s drive away.

I was inches away from getting my pilot’s license in a multi-engine plane when my instructor, who I allowed to use my plane to get his multi-engine certification. Decided that he didn’t want to teach anymore.

So, I had to scour the country to find another multi-engine instructor that would work with me so that I could get through the process. In the process, I had to re-prove myself to the new instructor.

Then there are always a few clients who feel that it is ok to use my money to float their business.  We buy permits for them and then it takes them several months (years for a few)  to pay us back.

It’s not a HUGE deal, but I mean if you can’t afford to do it, just don’t do it. 

I was having a conversation the other day and they told me that I have to stay thankful for everything that happens.

Even if it sucks!

Then they continued on to give me this advice, “since you want more than you have now in business what you are going through right now is giving you the ability to prove to yourself that you DO HAVE THE ABILITY to do this.”

I stopped in my tracks and typed that message right then and there.

Then I looked up and said, “God I know that you have a plan, heck I tell everyone that it all happens for a reason. So thank you for helping me to learn this lesson. God if you could help me learn it quicker I would really appreciate it though.”

Here’s the thing, we all want to do more tomorrow than we are today.

We want to be better Christians, we want to live a better life, we want to have more responsibility, or sometimes we want less responsibility.

Every situation that God puts us through is for us, it makes us stronger.

While we are in the middle of the lesson it is tough.

As I write this I am sitting on a balcony of our rental house in Pismo Beach, CA overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Yesterday I was out playing in the water with the kids.  We had our boogie boards and were having a great time catching waves.

In the middle of doing that I looked around and just paused for a second to thank God for giving me the strength to get into this COLD WATER. Also for allowing me to trust that my kids will be fine playing in the water.

As a kid, we NEVER went to the ocean because my dad was deathly afraid of the water. My favorite phrase from him was, “I don’t take baths because people die in the bathtub.” Or my other favorite, “I’ll get it as long as it doesn’t get above my ankles.”

And he is 100% serious about both comments.

In turn, I remember the very first time I ever went to the ocean that I can remember. It was with Jenna.  We were seniors in High School and we met her family in CA to visit Disney Land. Jenna and I went out a day early so that we could go to the ocean. 

I immediately fell in love with the waves and the vastness of what God had created.

We were out jumping the waves when all of a sudden I couldn’t touch the bottom anymore.


Meanwhile, Jenna just stood up and said, “hey you can touch, stand up!”

After the lifeguard had dragged me back up to shore I was just a little embarrassed.  I mean what kind of a “man” would freak out like that because they could touch the bottom?

We didn’t go in the water the rest of the day.

Fast forward a few years when we had the kids and went back to the ocean again.

We made a mad dash to San Diego to visit the sea world, but got there too early.  Who knew that things in the city didn’t open until 10am???

Not me at a young age. Lol

So we decided to go see the ocean.

We rolled up and I wouldn’t let the kids get more than just their feet wet.

I’m 100% sure Jenna thought, “Oh my goodness I married Dan’s dad when it comes to water!”

Then later in the trip, we hit the ocean again because the kids really wanted to go again.

So up by LA, we went back to the beach. We actually ended up spending several days out at the beach because the kids liked it so much.

On the first trip, I wouldn’t let the kids out of my reach.

I can still remember telling them that if they got too far away from me that was it they were out and playing in the sand, no questions.

Fast forward a year later, we are playing in the ocean in San Diego again. I would let the kids have a little more space, but they still had to stay close.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I’m sitting on the beach convincing myself that I just have to get over it and go jump in with them because they are out there catching waves and having a blast.

You see God prepared me for that situation.

My kids are still cautious, I am still cautious. But we know our limits and they get further and further every time we push them.

Just like every single situation that we are in RIGHT NOW!

God needed me to rent that U-Haul.  He needed me to find a new flight instructor, he needed me to do everything. I just had to accept that he is in control and he is RIGHT.

Time to take action

Today I really want you to think about a situation that you don’t LOVE. You can even think that the situation SUCKS. That’s ok.

Now I want you to give it to God.

Pray the prayer below and give it 100% to God with all of your heart. And trust that he will provide you with the RIGHT answer to your situation.

In the future when things get tough I want you to do the same thing.

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