Be a Positive Leader

Negativity casts a shadow on everything and everyone around you.

Think back when the last time that you were around somebody that was super negative didn’t have anything nice to say all I can do is talk bad about the people around them or about the situation they never found the Brightside to anything.

What happened to you if you spent much time around them? You stopped seeing the bright side, you even stopped seeing the silver lining.

Their shadow of negativity cast over you.

Being positive when your leader is huge is probably one of the biggest things that you can do. Your attitude makes a difference is everybody else’s attitude around you.

I had a boss one time, he definitely was not a leader, all he could do was talk crap about the other departments in our company.   he kept saying how he would do stuff differently if he was in that position or they don’t know their head from a hole in the ground.  he never had anything positive to say about anything.

I was working remotely. I didn’t get to spend much time around and my attitude didn’t change much.   but the other guys on my team changed their attitude tremendously.

In less than three months I watched them go from somebody who would look for the Silver Lining occasionally to someone who never saw the silver lining.

The change to having an attitude really thought that they were better than everyone else around them.

Their leader influenced them just by his positiveness by his actions he changed the way they looked at the entire company.

The point is that as a leader your attitude makes all the difference in the world, starts the day out positive, looks for the positive side, be encouraging, be respectful and helps others to see the brighter side of any situation. 

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